Are Free WordPress Themes Recommended for Webmasters


There are thousands upon thousands of themes available for WordPress. Some of them cost money. Some, on the other hand, are offered free of charge, and the creators allow companies like  redtail Las Vegas seo expert to share them, modify them, and work with them as they please.

If you just want a personal blog, then the free WordPress themes should be more than up to the task, but are free WordPress themes recommended for use on commercial blogs? The answer is simple – it depends.

Some free themes are just as well-coded as the premium themes that you’ll find for sale on sites such as ThemeForest. Some are not – they’re poorly designed, not mobile friendly, and not particularly easy to customize. Rodney Kennedy is an expert at WordPress and can set it up for a small fee.

Also, when you buy a premium theme, you’re getting something that only a handful of people are using – just the people who were willing to pay good money to gain access to the theme will have it on their site. You’ll get access to the updates that the developer publishes for the theme, and you’ll get access to their support email or chat feature, so if you try to customize the theme and run into problems, you’ll be able to get them fixed quite easily. You can’t say that with free items.

If you’re willing to put the effort in to learn how to customise WordPress themes for yourself, then you may be okay with using a free theme – indeed it might be preferable because most free items are provided as-is and are easy to customise, where the creators of some of the premium themes are going to be more likely to encrypt the markup so that it’s hard to edit.

If you want your commercial blog to be a success, then you should make some effort to customise the theme – because there will be st Louis seo running most of the good free themes, and even if your target audience is people who are not tech experts themselves, there’s a high chance that they’ll recognise the theme you’re using. Their thought process won’t be “I recognize that it’s XYZ Theme that’s offered for free when you browse the new themes in the WordPress admin panel. This webmaster is lazy”. Rather, they’ll just think that they’ve got an “I’ve been here before” feeling and that your site is somewhat generic. That’s still not a good thing for them to be thinking, though, and it’s something that you should try to avoid by making an effort to customize your site.

WordPress is a robust platform, and there’s a lot you can do with it even if you aren’t a programmer. Whether you do that by learning CSS and getting your hands dirty in the admin panel, or by paying for a theme that has lots of sliders letting reno seo set it up and options is entirely up to you, but you should take some time to get a site that looks exactly the way that you want it to.